Creating a Community Project

The Ed Johnson Project is working to build a memorial, raise money for a documentary and fund a scholarship.

All we need to complete those three things is money. It’s a simple goal.

But we want to do so much more than just complete our physical project. We want to use this unique Chattanooga project to change and unite our community. We want to bring people together to learn about and remember the Ed Johnson story, to build reconciliation and create friendships as we bond with people who don’t look like us, and to find ways that we can be united in creating a better future for our entire community.

We want this to be a community of people, both black and white, working together.

One way we plan to do this is through community gatherings, hosted by people from all races and walks of life. At each of these community gatherings, we will share information about the Ed Johnson Project. We will show a rough cut of the documentary. We will ask people to donate money to help create this project.

When it is finished, the entire community can proudly say, “Come, see what we have built.”

We will have ownership. We will do it together. Black and white.

This is our time.

If you would like to host a gathering or attend one, please email us at or call 706-980-5824.

Community members listen to LaFrederick Thirkill speak during a gathering at Franklin and Tresa McCallie’s home.